Rósa Gísladóttir

Born 1957 in Reykjavík

1977-81 Diploma, Icelandic Collage of Arts and Crafts
1981-86 Diploma in Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts Munich/Germany
1985-86 Meisterschüler, Prof. Sir. E. Paolozzi
2000-02 MA in Art as Environment, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester UK, with Professor Ian Rawlinson, Nick Crowe and Pavel Büchler. 2000-02
2010-14 M.Art.Ed., Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavík/Iceland

Exhibitions 2015:
All Together Now, Armenia – Germany – Iceland, Künstlerforum, Bonn/Germany
Women's Time – Here and now thirty years later, Reykjavík Art Museum (Kjarvalsstaðir), Reykjavík/Iceland
Borg Guðs – City of God, Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavík/Iceland (solo) Inspired by Soane: I found this and thought of you…, Soane's Museum, London
Collect 2015, Saatchi Gallery, London
Ákall (Challenge), LÁ–Art Museum, Hveragerði/Iceland
Time and Space, Symposium, Center of Contemporary and Experimental Art (CCEA), Yerevan/Armenia
Displacement–Rome/Reykjavík, Harpa, Reykjavík/Iceland (solo)
Paralell and Contrary, Rósa Gísladóttir – Sculptures, LÁ–Art Museum, Hveragerði/Iceland (solo)
Tenging norður (Relate North), Nordic House, Reykjavík/Iceland
Grenzüberschreitungen (Crossing Borders), Symposium, Künstlerforum, Bonn/Germany
Come l’acqua come l’oro... Mercati di Traiano, Rome/Italy (solo)
Nautn og notagildi (Pleasure and Functionality), LÁ–Art Museum, Hveragerði/Iceland
The doubt of Future Foes..., Gallery Águst, Reykjavík/Iceland
Vanitas, Still Life in Icelandic Art, Reykjavík Art Museum, (Hafnarhús), Reykjavík/Iceland
Looking at the Overlooked, Galleria 196, Rome/Italy (solo)
Creative Emergencies, waste, water and energy in international contemporary art, Second edition, Ravenna/Italy
Il muro di Berlino, Galleria 196, Rome/Italy
Gli Artisti si incontrano, Cascina Farsetti, Rome/Italy
Stadtgalerie Baliere Frauenfeld, Switzerland (w/Brigitta Reinhardt)
Still life from the Plastic Age, ASÍ Art Museum, Reykjavík/Iceland (solo)
Holden Gallery, Manchester/UK Walking Distance, Brown Brothers Mill, Salford/UK
Tomb Stones (closed sculpture competition), Reykjavík
Strandlengjan 2000 (The Coastline), Icelandic Sculptors Society, Reykjavík/Iceland
Still life, Living Art Museum (Nýlistasafnið), Reykjavík/Iceland (solo)
Millennium Exhibition, Gallerí Sævars Karls, Reykjavík
Anniversary Exhibition The Icelandic Sculptors Society, Reykjavík
Gallerí Birgis Andréssonar, Reykjavík/Iceland (w/Brigitta Reinhardt)
State of the Art Gallery, Ithaca/New York
State of the Art Gallery, Ithaca/New York (w/Brigitta Reinhardt) Art in the Factory, Ithaca Gun Factory, Ithaca/New York
Gallerí Sævars Karls, Reykjavík/Iceland (solo)
Gallerí Svart á hvítu, Reykjavík/Iceland (solo) Big Scale, Malmö/Sweden
7th International Small Sculpture Exhibition, Budapest/Hungary
Icelandic Abstract (Íslensk abstraktlist), Reykjavik Art Museum, (Kjarvalsstaðir), Reykjavík/Iceland
Skulptur Zeichnung Photo, Galerie am Maxwehr, Landshut/ Germany
Hér og nú (Here and now), Reykjavík Art Museum (Kjarvalsstaðir), Reykjavík/Iceland
Kunstzentrum No 66, Munich/Germany
Reykjavík Art Museum (Kjarvalsstaðir), Reykjavík/Iceland (solo)
Kunst im Dec-Park, Digital Equipment, Munich

Prizes and awards:
2015 Travel grant, Muggur, Iceland
2014 Project grant, Myndlistarsjóður, Iceland
2014 Travel grant, Muggur, Iceland
2014 Artist grant, Icelandic Ministry of Culture and Education
2013 Project grant, Myndstef, Iceland
2013 HBGrandi (Closed sculpture competition (final 4)), Reykjavík
2012 Project grant, Átakssjóður fund, by Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education Science and Culture and Inspired by Iceland
2012 Travel grant, Muggur, Iceland
2012 Spontaneous Support, Icelandic Art Center,
2012 Artist grant, Icelandic Ministry of Culture and Education
2011 Reykjavík Art Museum, closed sculpture competition
2011 Project grant, Barbara and Magnus Á. Árnason Foundation, Iceland
2010 Artist grant, Icelandic Ministry of Culture and Education
2009 Travel grant, Myndstef, Iceland
2009 Artist grant, Kópavogur, Iceland
2009 Project grant, Foreign Ministry of Iceland
2009 Spontaneous Support, Icelandic Art Center
2001 Tomb Stones (Closed sculpture competition), Reykjavík, Iceland
2000 Artist grant, Icelandic Ministry of Culture and Education
1996 Artist grant, Icelandic Ministry of Culture and Education
1995 Artist in residence, Krefeld, Germany (in connection with the Icelandic Art Festival in Nordrein Westphalen)
1988 Artist in residence, Big Scale, Malmö, Sweden

The National Gallery of Iceland
Reykjavík Art Museum
Icelandair Art Collection
Harpa Concert Hall
Various private collections