Fossiles From The Plastic Age (2002)

Fossils from the Plastic Age (2002)

Plastic Age The focus here is on the concept of time: the past, the present and the future. A central point in the discussion is the "Plastic Age", and a justification of the choice of this label for the present period is put forth. I raise the question of the long-term environmental effects that plastic may have on nature, in particular as waste. Considering the enormous consumption of prepackaged food in our times, the plastic food wrappings can be seen both as images of modern still life and as future fossils. What will our descendants dig up as remains of our presence on earth? (Rósa Gísladóttir 2002).



Fossils from the Plastic Age (plaster casts from plastic containers) length 6m, Holden Gallery Manchester 2002


Still life I, 2002


Still life 2, 2002


Fossils from the Plastic Age (detail)


Still life 1, in ASÍ Art Museum 2004


Still life 2, 2004


Still life 3, 2004


Fossils from the Plastic Age, ASÍ Art Museum 2004