Verðandi...Skuld (2010)

Vanitas, Still-life in Contemporary Icelandic Art. Exhibition in Reykjavík Art Museum (Hafnarhús), summer 2010. Curated by Hafþór Yngvason.

Verðandi ... Skuld (Becoming ... Dept)

“The necessity of care is also the subject of a two-piece sculpture by Rósa Gísladóttir. The title, Verðandi ... Skuld refers to the names of two norns in Norse mythology. Verðandi (literally, “to become“) stands for the present and Skuld (“dept“) for the future. We are reminded that we owe the future, for better of for worse. This is a classic warnig of a memento mori. Considering the materials of the two pieces and the enormous amounts of plastic containers used in daily life, the debt that we are referred to is environmental in nature. But the title refers us also to the life giving activity of the norns, who live by the tree of life, Askur Yggdrasils, and water it daily. Considering the shapes of the two sculptures – a bottle and a bowl – we are reminded of the simple fundamentals of life and of our responsibility to nurture it for the future.“ Hafþór Yngvarsson (2010)


Verðandi ... Skuld (plexiglas, plastic bottles, water, ink, spotlight) 70 x 70 x 310 cm, 170 x 170 x 70 cm, 2010


Verðandi ... Skuld (detail)